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4 Items included in this Bundle: 1. Head Accessories Men Skiing 310967 - Strong Instinct Ti Ab Black/Yellow The mid-fat Strong Instinct Ti is an easy-riding all-condition carver for intermediate skiers who class the entire mountain as their learning ground. Made versatile with the floaty rocker and bite and responsive rebound of camber we added a softer flexing Power Sidewall Ti Jacket for easy and fun handling. Revolutionary Graphene adds strength and lightness to the mix while a race base with all-condition structuring adds the final twist to its all-mountain access. Tackle the learning curve in all conditions one laid back turn after the other. 2. Head Footwear Men Skiing 607026 - Challenger 120 Black/Yellow With a fit and unparalleled performance, the fully customizable Challenger 120 is a high-end off-road boot for experienced skiers. It showcases our efficient ski and hiking modes, which provide a comfortable walking position without compromising downhill performance. Our custom fit allows the skier to change the width of the shoe from comfort to precision, while our Custom Fit Slipper and Super-Wrap Spinetech Double Power Loops provide support, support and comfort for a comfortable fit. transmission of energy and control as in the race. The Challenger 120 is proof that a competition boot can allow the ride while remaining comfortable. 3. Head Classic Pair Of Ski Poles, 110cm, Neon Yellow 4. Head Men Skiing 100715 - Pr 11 Br.85[G] Black Binding The PR 11 de TYROLIA binding is a versatile model, designed for skiers of all levels and all types of skiing. It is made up of an SX toe piece with TRP system and an SX heel piece, which provides a perfect transfer of energy from the boot to the ski. The Full Diagonal technology enables 180° release, while the AFS anti-friction system provides additional safety. TECHNICAL INFO : - ERA 3.0: perfect alliance between three autonomous technologies for all terrain skis: Rocker + radius + rebound = perfect rocker. - Graphene: Thanks to the lightness and strength of Graphene, we are able to reduce standard materials such as wood and fibreglass to add additional layers of titanium, creating a ski with unique responsiveness and sensitivity. - Covering Power Ti sidewall. - UHM C Base: Our ultra-resistant base material provides good performance. Not flashy, but constant and stable. The type of base that lasts for years. - Allride rocker: Rocker adapted to all snow types. This profile uses a raised tip with a regular camber for the rest of the ski. 20% rocker – 80% camber. - SX Toe with TRP system - Full Diagonal: Allows intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically on the Diagonal toe, allowing maximum protection in case a fall backwards with rotation. - Anti-friction AFS slider: A new, lighter adaptor for the release in Power bindings to limit friction and ensure secure boot release and maximum safety. - SX heel piece: based on new mechanics, the ski boot is maintained very precisely in the binding. - Height: 31 mm
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